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Salaam Academy is a WISE owned Madrassah open to students aged between 4 and 18+. Having been established and successfully run for over 20 years the previous weekend and weekday madrassah’s have combined to create Salaam Academy. A cohesive voluntary lead Quran academy ready to inspire and nurture students of knowledge, character and service.

Salaam Academy provides valued and committed Quranic teaching to all its (400+) students. The new Academy strives to provide a curriculum that is both enriching and comprehensive. Alongside learning to read the Quran and tajweed the Academy offers students the opportunity to learn tarbiyah, Islamic studies, tafseer and Salah.



Knowledge, Character & Service

Salaam Academy aims to nurture & inspire our children to become Muslims that are grounded in key areas of Islamic Knowledge, demonstrate excellent character and have a strong desire to serve others for the sake of Allah.

WISE Commmunity

Salaam Academy is a WISE owned Madrassah located in the heart of the Buckinghamshire town High Wycombe. The WISE charity was established in 1991 to provide beneficial Islamic Knowledge and services to the local community. The charity initiated the construction of the The Wycombe Islamic Centre (also known as Masjid as-Salam or the WISE Masjid) a purpose built, multi-functional building, completed in 2009 by the grace of Allah. Salaam Academy is an integral part of Islamic education at the WISE centres and the WISE community services. WISE organises and is heavily involved in a range of activities designed to meet the diverse needs of the community.

If you would like to find out more about the work and community opportunities at WISE please see our website for more details.


A Holistic Programme

The WISE madrassah system sets its foundations on high quality learning through one managed curriculum. It aims to provide students with a place to belong, where they can access an improved learning environment, tarbiayah based campaigns and youth programmes.

Nurturing Faith

The madrassah has formed a strong connection with the well-established youth programme. The youth programme offers positive activities such as Buzz Nights, mentoring, annual retreats and more to reinforce their love for Islam and the masjid. An environment where Islam is not just taught but where an Islamic life can be lead and loved.


Promoting Good Citizenship and a Spirit of Service

Each term, our Islamic Studies team spends two lessons focusing on a hands-on enrichment topic. The whole madrassah follows the same enrichment topics with age appropriate activities and lessons planned. These enrichment topics are aimed at promoting good citizenship and broadening our pupil’s knowledge and experience.

For our Autumn term enrichment we joined a national orphan charity campaign. Alongside reinforcing the values of charity, kindness and gratitude, this theme engaged our pupils on many additional levels including an appreciation of current world events, inequalities and the gift of parents. The project also boosted team building, public speaking skills, negotiation skills and enterprise skills and our motivated activists raised the most money in our region!


Nurturing Growth and Development

The arabic word Tarbiyyah means increase, nurture, rear, growth, or loftiness.
This is what we aspire to provide for our pupils through our vibrant Tarbiyyah programme – opportunities for personal development.

We deliver our tarbiyyah programme in coordination with the WISE youth wing, many of whom act as mentors to our pupils. Our tarbiyyah programme has a strong social element and provides opportunity for our pupils to connect in a fun environment and spend time with positive role models and mentors. Pupils develop confidence, leadership skills, organisation skills and individual talents are celebrated and nurtured. Activities include Masjid late-Nighters, Masjid sleep-overs, pizza parties, inspirational speakers, creative holiday classes, excursions and an annual retreat for our older pupils.