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All end of term assessments will be recorded in the Salaam Academy Gibbon System. Here you you will find guidelines on how to assess, grade & record pupil assessments results.

Process to complete Islamic Studies  Assessment


1. Capture class attendance record Take either a photograph, screenshot or note down the attendance from the system  for the class for which the assessment is being conducted.  It is important that you do this as it will make the process of assessment much easier.

Click the following link  to see clear instructions on how to do this. 

How to View Pupil’s Attendance


2. Review the  Assessment logging guidelines



Click the following link to see view the assessment logging guidelines set by Salaam Academy.

Guide to Logging Termly Islamic Studies Assessment Grades



3. Record assessment  results



Click the following link  to view step by step instructions on how to record assessment results in the system

Step by Step Instruction on how to record assessment results in Gibbon System